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Welcome to Awtar Sales Application

Awtar Multimedia was established by artists (Artist Elias Melka, Artist Haile Roots, Artist Jonny Ragga Artist Dawit Nigussie) in 2011 to promote new music sales application in Ethiopia for the first time in order to modernize the music marketing system using illegal and back warded mechanisms in the pars 50 years in our country, Ethiopia. Hence, we have joined music sales market upon designing this modern music sales application that makes music professionals artists participating on music works beneficiary than any time ever before.

Awtar music application is easy to use and designed to be used in different local languages so that the music lovers can easily purchase and listen music works in single or album forms. In addition to music sales, the application enables the users to watch video clip out lets they want upon purchasing via Ethio-telecom air time or different internet payment means in our country.

The music sales application is designed fin such a way that it charges it charges reasonable payment the service it has rendered to the users and it is a modern and local music sales application which is easy to use and includes locally existing modern payment technology application.

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