Terms and conditions

  1. About Awtar application

1.1. Awtar is an application that allows users to purchase music and download them on their phone for listening. The application mainly uses internet to render its service. However, it has been designed to enables users to listen music works that have already been paid for and downloaded on the phone without internet. You acknowledge when you download and/or use this application that you agree in and accept these terms and conditions.

1.2. This application is designed so that it prevents the users to send downloaded music works to other mobile phones in any data transfer means and it prevents illegal right violations.

1.3. As the music sales application enables the users to get music works at a fair price and easily the users are charged in a suitable manner to them and using alternative payment means on the service provision.

1.4. It is possible to place advertisements that are of commercial affairs or outside of other religious and political affairs or that are not contrary to the law of the country on the sales application.

1.5. As Awtar music application is based on technology, in order to update in view of technological various technical changes shall be made on the application upon stopping service for a short period of time. However, concerning any application, the users shall be notified in advance when there is the need of any basic and service change on the application.

  1. Service

2.1. The Awtar music sales application is designed in four local languages of Ethiopia namely, Afan Oromo, Amharic, Afan Somali and Tigrigna with the addition of English so that the users shall use the application easily.

2.2. The users shall not be re-charged when attempt to download the music that has been interrupted due to shortage of balance or disconnection of internet service for the music that has been purchased once unless they remove on the application clicking “remove the down loaded one/dispose”

2.3. Inorder to use the Awtar music sales application, the users should authorize access to data connection, processor and storage.

2.4. Awtar multimedia shall not be held responsible for any problems encountered due factors that are beyond its capacity

2.5. The Awtar music sales application is designed not only to market music works but also to enable the users to watch video clips.

2.6. Gift transfer application is included in this application so that the users shall be able to purchase the music and send or invite to their to their friend and loved ones.

2.7. In addition this the application also includes recreational news, new service notifications etc.

  1. About purchase

3.1. Awtar music sales application shall be available to the users in single and album form and the sales process shall be conducted based on trade and tax system of the land.

3.2. A music work charge cannot be refunded based on article 2/2.2 once its sales is conducted in single or in album. However, the user can re-down load the music that has not been removed by the same from the application, without additional charge.

3.3. The music sales application price can be revised and changed at any time and when it deems necessary.

  1. Technology

4.1. Awtar music sales application is android native application and the application shall be designed for iphones in the future.

4.2. This application is designed to serve only on android mobile apparatuses and android smart phones that use internet service.

4.3. In view service provision, Awtar music sales application is entitled to change, alter or interrupt its services to the users for specified or unspecified period or time when it encounters conditions of force majeure.

  1. Privacy and Security

5.1. Awtar music sales application marketing system with proper cyber protection. The payments and information of the users shall be fully secure by adequate technical professionals and equipment.

5.2. Unless ordered by the law, Awtar Multi Media PLC shall not disclose private information to the 3rd party subject to the above provision, Awtar Multi Media PLC can use the information it collects for different purposes in non-privatic manner and without disclosing the identity of the users.

5.3. Minors that are below 16 years old and use Awtar music sales application are recommended to use the application only through their helpers to avoid the effect of the ray emited from the phones.

  1. Copy right protection

6.1. The full rights of music and video clip works found on Awtar music sales application shall be protected based on Ethiopian copy and related rights protection no. 410/1996 (revised proclamation no 872/2007). In addition to this, the music works to be sold on this application of the owners and are contracted to be sold.

6.2. As Awtar music sales application is designed in the manner it prevents illegal reproduction, it prevents illegal transfer of music.

6.3. The rights to listen to the music on the application are granted when the music is purchased. It is forbidden to use the music for the purpose outside indicated on the law using the music for the purpose outside of the one mentioned on this objective without additional authorization of the owner or right holder shall results with civil as well as criminal liability.

  1. Legality

7.1. Awtar Multi Media PLC is the sole right holder and owner of full design, procedural system, technology and name of Awtar Music sales application.

7.2. Awtar and related codes (jointly known as “Awtar”) is a trade mark registered and protected in Ethiopia Intellectual Property office in the name of Awtar Multi Media PLC using the trade mark in the manner misleads others directly or indirectly shall result in civil or criminal liability.

7.3. Awtar music sales application in Ethiopian of African modern technology output being legally registered to market music to the listeners in Ethiopia and worldwide having its head office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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